The Lay of Allwise The Dwarf - Part 1

In this episode, I narrate and give my understanding of the first half of "The Lay of Allwise." Allwise is a dwarf who also represents the earthly human aspect of our subconscious manifestive nature. Our magical nature as manifestors of our thoughts comes from our innate dwarf powers located "under the earth" which means below our waking consciousness. Dwarves are not little gnome like creatures with red hats. Dwarves are identical to humans except that they do not possess a divine spiritual nature. In this myth we look at the power of dwarves as shamans. They are very powerful magicians who create the manifested Universe. Aside from Odin, Dwarves are able to travel to all the nine worlds. In this lay, Allwise tells of what he has learned from all the different inhabitants of the nine worlds of Yggdrassil - the Teutonic World Tree.


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