Thunor (Thor) and Indra

In this episode I share my observations about the origins of the Teutonic deity Thunor (Thor) and the Vedic Deity Indra. It seems if we analyze the language, that Thunor and Indra are derived from an original Pre-Indo-European Thunder Deity.

Indra = In (bright)+ Du [Thu] (Drop)+ Ra (Ruler) Indra = "Ruler of the Bright Drop" Drop has multiple meanings of Rain, Water and nectar of immortality (Soma)

"Du" is derived from "Thu." We still have this word in modern English when referring to moisture on plants which we call "Dew"

Thunor = Thun (drop)+ Or (Ruler) Anglo Saxons tended to change "ar" sounds to "or"... "ar" in some european Indo European languages means "Ruler of" So Thun-Or = Ruler of the Drop.


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